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Can You Make It as a Trader?

…Do You Have What it Takes? Trading is claimed to be one of the most difficult career choices of all times, so it is certainly not for the faint hearted. This is truly an endeavor that will make...Continue Reading »

Just ONE Trade: 30% Locked

How would you like to know at what price levels the market is going to react days in advance? At the beginning of each trading week Forward Thinking clients are provided with my trade research along...Continue Reading »

Introduction to FOREX: FREE Webinar

  Today we are going to do a brief walk through of the FOREX market and try unpack some of the ambiguity around this asset class Here is a quick overview of what we will be discussing: First we are...Continue Reading »

33% Locked In: Positioning Is Everything

When a FOREX pair drops 70 plus pips and then turns and rallies 70 plus pips within an hour, how do you prepare for that kind of volatility? Most retail traders (little guys like us) get lost the torrent...Continue Reading »

4 Trades – 4 Wins – 20% Profit

SWING batter batter! When the markets opened this morning, we were ready to PLAY BALL…. On one side there are the large institutions (Hedge Funds, Big Banks, etc.), and on the other side the little...Continue Reading »

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Large-Cap Stock Watchlist

Here is a list of mid to large cap stocks that I am keeping a close eye on. The charts for these asset look poised to either breakout or break down. I have provided two targets for each of the defined...Continue Reading »

Forward Thinking Pro Levels

The week opened up to a rather sluggish market, and the fact that today is Columbus day does not help (all markets are open, but banks are closed). The folks on capitol hill are still debating the debt...Continue Reading »

Pro Levels: Trade Setups and Watchlist

Click Here to Download This Weeks Economic Outlook This week should be an interesting week in the markets. The impending U.S. Government shut down is likely to stir up volatility regardless of the outcome...Continue Reading »

PRO Levels: The Traders Playbook

Download This Weeks Economic Outlook The markets are starting to move and preparation is key to taking advantage of the volatility ahead. When trading, we want to make suer that everything we do is pre-planned,...Continue Reading »

FOREX Outlook: Week of September 19th

Download This Weeks Economic Calendar In a slow moving market like we have been experiencing, time is our greatest asset. It provides us the ability to dig deep into the charts and explore where those...Continue Reading »